A little history about me, I started out doing pencil drawings, selling them to friends and friends of friends, slowly I developed and started painting, a little water colour and then I found oils. Wow they are fantastic, they give your paintings life, texture and best of all when you go wrong you can scrape it all off and start again!

So that was Jane Samuel, the artist. Then that Jane Samuel discovered clay and so Jane Samuel thought, crafted and fired JS-Ceramics

I fell in love with clay. It gives me all I am looking for and more. I feel I could develop further than I can imagine, I have already learnt that the more I learn about clay the less I know, there’s coiling, pinching, slipcasting, glazing, agate, terra sigilata, naked clay, smoke firing, raku…….I could go on and on, but then you, the reader of this blog could get bored, something I don’t want!