OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIndividually hand rolled and coiled porcelain, each piece is laid delicately on top of another with a small piece of shale or sea glass marking a pause, reflecting the journey through life that we all take. These pieces stand tall and straight, with same expectation that we have of how our lives ‘should’, or so we think, play out, however once surrendered to a high firing they move and change, taking on a new life, telling their own story.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStoneware clay is slowly, carefully pinched into shape, applications of slip are then burnished until they reflect the warmth and care that is given to their making. Terra sigilatta is next, polished with a chamois leather, slowly building up many layers eventually giving the viewer the look and feel of clay well handled. They say that life is made up of many layers and the final layer reflects all that is beneath. Sometimes glazes are applied onto bone dry clay adding another dimension to the piece. After biscuit firing these too are surrendered, not to high temperatures but to the depths of a smoke filled bin. Smoke fired with natural materials each piece transforms and emerges from the ashes with a new story; the layers of clay and glaze reacting differently to the heat and smoke.