Being in the front line and selling your work is so exciting, plenty of feedback all constructive thankfully!

I’ve been told that my pinched porcelain really works with it’s translucent appearance, burnt edges and especially with the sea glass fired at the bottom, also how “unusual” and “individual” each piece is.

However the most positive feedback has been for my smoke fired pieces, “so tactile”, “amazing colours”…that was my favourite(!) as it isn’t always that easy to achieve, and lovely shapes….so you know what I’ll be up to for the next few weeks? Yes coiling stoneware, burnishing with a glass bead, applying terra sigilata, polishing with a chamois leather and finally bisque firing followed by smoke firing in my dusbin with seaweed, driftwood and sawdust. Once all that has been done, each pot will be carefully removed from the smoky depths of my bin, washed and polished giving the final finish.

So into the last five days of the Anglesey Open Studios we go, of which I am open for three (see ) and I hope that there will be more visitors and feedback to help me move forward into what hopefully will be an exciting summer.

Thank you to each of you who have visited over Easter and I hope you will keep in touch and maybe call again?!