It is a while since I last wrote on my blog and I would like to tell you about the latest direction for my work. Coiled porcelain. Being influenced by Cheryl Ann Thomas whose coiled porcelain is just stunningly beautiful and defies understanding, I am now working on a series of work which has very fine coils, my work doesn’t move in the delicate way Thomas’ does however the look of the coils, their fragility, translucency is something that appeals. Allowing the porcelain to behave as it wishes when fired to high enough temperatures is something I have used with my pinched porcelain work, where thin shell like work holds pools of melted sea glass, with my new pieces I am adding tiny pieces of shale to the piece as it is built, any slumping of the porcelain during it’s first high firing is then enhanced by adding some sea glass. I find this new dimesion to my work very exciting and am hoping to have a collection put together through the summer months, so keep an eye on my site for images of my coiled porcelain.

Last but by no means least, the developement of low temperature glazes that can be applied directly onto greenware, bisque fired and smoke fired is very exciting! Alongside the low temperature glazes is the developement of natural glazes. I am taking ‘rubble’ from Parys Mountain here on Anglesey and using it to make high temperature glazes…some of the results are beginning to show real signs of promise, if successful these too will be used in conjunction with my coiled porcelain.