So I have taken the plunge and put myself forward for Ceramic Art London 2015, my application has been sent off, so all I can do now is wait!

The photographs of my work include examples of my coiled porcelain and smoke fired work with my new glaze developed especially to be applied onto greenware I also sponge copper oxide over parts and white terra sigillata then bisque fired with great results. Once cooled I tentatively put them into the smokey depths of my bin with sawdust, driftwood and seaweed etc. I am so pleased with the results….reds, burnt oranges, greens and so much more!

Not forgetting the coiled porcelain, they are just amazing, trying to coil in weaknesses so that I can prompt some of the slumping is the greatest challenge. Adding silver and  seaglass has just taken my work up a level.

All is exciting and still so many ideas in my head including smoke fired wall pieces and larger coiled porcelain pieces… please watch this space!

Collection of coiled porcelain